Country of Citizenship: United States

Birth Place: Kotor

Gender: Male

Active Place: Minneapolis

Minnesota County: Ramsey


1990 Curator, Museum Documentary Center of Zagreb, Croatia (HR)
1979 Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of Zagreb


1995 –2002 Curator of the Graphics Collection, National and University Library, Pula, HR
1987 -1995 Director of The Heritage Museum, Rovinj, HR
1982 -1987 Curator in The Museum of History in Pula, HR


2002 Artist-in-residence, The Anderson Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Red Wing, MN
2001 Artist-in-residence, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT


1999 Award for Art performance, Rovinj, HR
1986 Award for Photography, Pula, HR
1985 Award for Sculpture, Pula, HR


1999 ABACUS Monument, City of Pazin, HR


2010 " Spring for Sculpture ", Minnetonka Center for the Arts", Wayzeta, MN, USA " Foot in the Door ", Minneapolis Institut of Arts ", MPLS, MN, USA
2009 " Fall For Sculpture ", Inez Greenberg Gallery, Blumington, MN, USA
2008 (solo) " Recycling History", Gallery 13, MPLS, MN, USA
" Translating Politics", NEMAA group exhibition, MPLS, MN, USA
2007 " Ultimate Landscape", Gallery 13, MPLS, MN, USA
2006 (solo)"FLUXUS II", Multimedia project and exhibition", Gallery 13, MPLS, MN, USA
2005 "RELIGIOUS ART SHOW", Jury exhibition, Saint Paul, MN, USA
2004 "THE ART OF WAR", Jury exhibition, Altered Esthetics, MPLS, MN, USA
2003 "ANNUAL ART EXHIBITION", Anderson Center, Red Wing, MN, USA
2002 (solo) * "SISYPHUS" Art performance and installation, Pula, Croatia
2001 (solo) "CIRCLE", "International Center Boston", Art performance and installation, Boston, MA, USA
(solo) " The unique structure of rituals", Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, USA
(solo) "BRANKO GULIN", RETROSPECT (32 years of artwork), The People's Museum of Labin, Croatia
(solo) "BRANKO GULIN", RETROSPECT (32 years of artwork), Heritage Museum of Porec (Sabornica), Croatia
2000 (solo) "BRANKO GULIN", RETROSPECT (32 years of artwork), Gallery " Vincent iz Kastva", Pula, Croatia
(solo) "THE PHENOMENOLOGY OF TRANSIENCE-THE YEAR 2000" , 12 in-process exhibitions, installations and performances, Gallery "Cardus" and streets of Pula, Croatia
1999 (solo) "SNAKE RITUAL", Art performance and installation, Heritage Museum of Rovinj, Croatia
1998, 1996, 1994 "XIII, XII, XI BIENNALE INTERNAZIONALE DANTESCA", International group exhibition (sculpture/bronze), Ravena, Italy
1993 (solo) "Gulin", Gallery Diana, Pula, Croatia, "XV INCONTRO ARTISTICO INTERNAZIONALEALLE COLONETE", Juried exhibition, Venice, Italy

1987 (solo)"BRANKO GULIN", Gallery Dolezal, Zurich, Switzerland, " Art Encounter", Jury exhibition, "International Cultural Center, Paris, France